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Community Speed Watch

The Community Speed Watch monitors road traffic in  speed sensitive areas in an

effort to deter and to educate speeding motorists. The groups are highly visible

and their very presence underlines the fact that motorists are travelling in a restricted

speed area.

Although speeds and registration numbers are recorded and passed on to the Police, speeding motorists will only receive a warning letter and no speeding summons will be issued on the basis of the data provided. However, the data is used by the Police as a aid to deciding where to deploy the official Enforcement Vehicle.

We are presently looking for more volunteers who can spare a few hours a month to join our groups in Easton, Haybridge and Elm Close.

If you are interested in joining us, please call David ball on 01749 678910

CAB Mobile Unit

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Neighbourhood Plan

St Cuthbert (Out) Parish Council has agreed to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. A Neighbourhood Plan allows the local communities to have a significant say in how their area will develop over the next 15 years.

Whilst the new Mendip Local Plan provides a strategic overview for developments, it is the role of a Neighbourhood Plan to provide the fine detail. The parish council will therefore need your help to identify which areas should be developed and which should be left alone.

A Neighbourhood Plan can, in addition, be used to identify priorities for spending the money provided by house builders, known as the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). For example, the CIL funds can be used for new children's play areas, improved footpaths and cycle routes, faster broadband speeds or to provide a better mobile signal.

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Easton Turkey and Tinsel

3 Course Christmas Lunch

Saturday 13th December 12.30

As valued members of our village community if you or your partner are of pensionable age or over, you are cordially invited to attend a Free traditional Christmas  lunch at Easton Village Hall on Saturday 13th December at 12.30

If you would like to come and enjoy this festive occasion then please contact Stuart Hilborne (870653) no later than Nov. 30th to register your interest and book your places.

                              (A vegetarian alternative will be available.)

If you need help with transport to and from the hall, let us know and we will be happy to provide assistance.

Seasonal Compliments from the Easton Village Hall Committee

Easton Ladies Guild

At our meeting on 5 November we welcomed one of our villagers, Chris Burtt to tell us about her memories of Saltaire.

Built in the 19th century by Victorian philanthropist, Sir Titus Salt, Saltaire was a village built around a mill not far from Bradford in Yorkshire. The nearby railway and canal provided vital links for the business to flourish.

He built the mill on the banks of the River Aire and developed the village with houses  and shops for the mill workers around it. There were no gardens but the workers were encouraged to grow their own vegetables on the village allotments.

Titus was teetotal so there was no pub built in the village. He had a large family with 13 children whose names were also used for the street names.

At the time, Queen Victoria was in mourning and he seized the opportunity to mill alpaca fleece rather than sheep wool as this made very good, fine black material. This was an extremely profitable move for him.

In 2001, Saltaire was designated a World Heritage Site.

Chris was brought up near here and enjoyed many a visit there as a child and the place obviously holds a very special place in her heart as evidenced by her enthusiastic presentation and I think several of us have been persuaded to visit at some time in the future.

0ur December meeting will be replaced by our Christmas lunch outing.

On January 7th 2015, Janet Parrot will talk about “The History and Fashion of Spectacles Throughout the Ages”.