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Neighbourhood Plan

St Cuthbert (Out) Parish Council has agreed to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. A Neighbourhood Plan allows the local communities to have a significant say in how their area will develop over the next 15 years.

Whilst the new Mendip Local Plan provides a strategic overview for developments, it is the role of a Neighbourhood Plan to provide the fine detail. The parish council will therefore need your help to identify which areas should be developed and which should be left alone.

A Neighbourhood Plan can, in addition, be used to identify priorities for spending the money provided by house builders, known as the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). For example, the CIL funds can be used for new children's play areas, improved footpaths and cycle routes, faster broadband speeds or to provide a better mobile signal.

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The winners of the February 100 Plus Club Draw are as follows:

£ 100.00 - No 129 - Chris Minns
£ 25.00 - No 56 - Ray Beach
£ 10.00 - No 18 - Pam Yates
£ 10.00 - No 23 - John & Liz Masters
£ 10.00 - No 84 - Mary Drake

Easton Ladies Guild

At our meeting on 4 February we enjoyed a talk from Tony Nott on “Royal Occasions”.

It soon became evident that Tony has a real passion for history and could have entertained us for hours on anything about the past.

We learnt that unlike the other countries in Europe that have a Monarch, we are the only one where they are also the Head of the Church and Defender of the Faith.

Queen Elizabeth II can trace her roots back to beyond the Norman Conquest and the length of her individual reign has certainly maintained the status of the Royal family in this country.

Until the birth of Prince George in 2013, the rules of succession ensured only male heirs could inherit the throne and as such Royal Births were witnessed by many people in the room to prove the baby was the rightful heir.

Royal Marriages used to be rather private or low key affairs until King George VI married in Westminster Abbey in 1923 and set the trend for many guests followed by the appearance on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

When it comes to Coronations, we are the only country that includes a religious ceremony, elsewhere it is simply an Investiture. Gone are the days of pre wedding processions  and subsequent banquets but even so the Coronation of 1953 took 5 months to prepare!

Since the Norman Conquest, 8 monarchs have died violently, 3 have abdicated, Charles I was publicly executed but Edward VII was the first to lie in state and now the funerals have become media spectacles.

Queen Elizabeth II has her own structured way of carrying out her role and it will certainly evolve with future monarchs bringing their own individuality to the role.

After we were able to take part in a small quiz if we wanted by trying to identify some pictures that Tony had brought of various historical events.

our next meeting will be on 4th March when Rev Paula Hollingsworth will talk on “The Road to the Ordination of Women”.